Definitely Ask About Average Food Truck Income. But Who Wants to be Average!

Let us set the scene.

The day has come. You’ve finally made it. You’ve put in the hard work and done what it takes to get here.

In just a few short hours you’ll roll your shiny new food truck up to your first food truck festival and start serving amazing lobster rolls and juicy burgers to enthusiastic, hungry customers.

But first, it’s you and your team of three.

You think back to when it all started. You asked all the same questions every aspiring food truck owner asks in the beginning. How much do food trucks make? What is a food truck’s average income? What’s the average size of a food truck? Yes, you asked them all.

And, like a well prepared head coach before the first game or the championship, more excited than nervous, it’s time to deliver some pre-game motivation to your food truck team.

If you’ve never coached or given a pre-game talk, or even if you have, it might go a little something like this …

Did we really come this far together to make an average food truck income?

I know I didn’t. I’m here to win! I know we all start by wondering about the average income of a food truck. But, we’re not average. We’re not typical. Nothing about this team is typical.

How did we go from “how much do food trucks make” to where we are today?

Let me remind this lobster team how it all started.

  • I started with a passion. A passion to own a food truck. A seafood food truck. A lobster food truck to be exact.
  • I knew what I wanted! Did it even exist? I could see the perfect lobster food truck in my mind!
  • And, the lobster rolls our team would create. And, the butter. Oh, the butter.
  • And, yeah, I even searched to learn about average food truck income.
  • But, average income from a food truck is never where I planned to be. Never where WE planned to be! We’re not average. We’re not typical.

What else did I learn besides a food truck’s average income?

  • After being told in my search that the average food truck income is between $25,000 and $50,000 per month, depending on who you talk to and your source, I learned I better keep digging. Keep grinding.
  • I learned that the success of my lobster food truck, any food truck, is a result of a lot of hard work, and taking care of details, all the while equipped with seafood industry knowledge
  • I learned that if I’m going to put a lobster truck team out there each and every day, then my team better be prepared.
  • I learned my team better be good…no, great … at the fundamentals.
  • I learned that if we want to realize better than average food truck income we have to be great at marketing, managing food costs, customer service, vendor relationships, and scheduling.
  • We have to have an amazing lobster roll recipe! We have to be trained!
  • I learned about an amazing lobster truck franchise called Masshole Lobster Trucks.

How did Masshole convince me to think bigger than average food truck income?

  • First, they showed me that they know what they’re doing. They are great at the fundamentals.
  • When I asked them how much do food trucks make, they told me that a lot depends on me.
  • Then they showed me their team model. Their lobster truck franchise model. And, how they could help me as a lobster truck franchise business owner.

How would this top seafood franchise help bring me better than average food truck income?

  • Masshole Lobster Truck franchise showed me the importance of prior experience.
  • They convinced me that owning a proven lobster truck franchise would be wiser than going at it alone. Better than starting my own business from scratch.
  • They showed me what a truly amazing lobster roll tasted like. The importance of fresh ingredients. They showed me the tastiest lobster rolls on earth.
  • They showed me that as a franchise, their relationships with vendors were one key to my success as I sought to control costs in my quest to do better than average food truck income.
  • They assured me that the Masshole Lobster Truck founder himself, a Massachusetts native, would play a direct role in ensuring me, as a new owner, gets thorough training on meal preparation, technology, and more.
  • They showed me the importance of superior customer service.
  • They showed me that as a leading lobster truck franchise, they’ve seen it all before and they’ll support me every step of the way in my quest to exceed the average income of a food truck.

So, team, this is our day. We remember when we first asked how much do food trucks make. It was a good question, but not the only question.

We put in more work and found out that we should be asking more about who could help us achieve our goals. Our goal is to serve the best lobster rolls in the universe.

We found the Masshole Lobster Truck and its team. They helped us create our own team, and now it’s time to get out here and serve our customers! We have the full support of the entire Masshold Lobster Truck franchise team behind us!

Average food truck income is not our goal! Our goal is to be the best! Now let’s go serve!

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Adam Bylicki, Masshole Lobster Truck founder

Adam Bylicki


Originally from Massachusetts, after retiring from the U.S. Army and global security services jobs, Adam Bylicki launched in 2022 Masshole Lobster Truck, a mobile food business that brings the taste of New England-style lobster rolls to San Antonio and beyond.

With a strong belief in hard work, customer service, and quality food preparation, Adam and his team are now expanding their business and offering franchising opportunities.

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