Road Map to Ownership

Are you ready to bring together experience, heritage, and a love of good food prepared well to jump-start your career? A Masshole Lobster Truck franchise gives you flexibility to be your own boss and set a schedule that works for you. It’s your chance to drive your entrepreneurial spirit in a different direction toward the personal and professional rewards you set for yourself.

Free Industry Outlook

How to drive your career toward financial freedom in the food truck industry.

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Here’s what it takes to be a hands-on owner and serve up the best lobster roll in town from your choice of local venues.

Entrepreneurial spirit to be your own boss and take control of your destiny

Customer service talent to create the right experience for hungry fans

Hankering for a career move that can take you in a new direction toward the independence and freedom you’ve always wanted in life

Invest in Your Future with a Masshole Lobster Truck Franchise

Total Investment

$84,700 – $160,150

Refer to our FDD Item 19 for specifics on revenue projections.

Mileposts to Ownership

Ready to open a Masshole Lobster Truck franchise in your community? Here’s how to get started.

step 1

Complete our request for information form

step 2

Meet our franchise development team

step 3

Review our franchise documentation (FDD & Franchise Agreement)

step 4

Finalize financing and territory selection

Step 5

Build out your food truck with our design specs

Step 6

Train directly with the ownership

Step 7

Open your Masshole Lobster Truck in your community!

Let’s get rolling on your Masshole Lobster Truck franchise

Invest in your own food truck business